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According to there are an estimated one in six couples in Ireland who are affected by infertility. 

The Yoga for Fertility classes at Yoga Therapy Dublin will work with meditation, mindfulness and relaxation to help reduce stress levels and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of the nervous system which counter acts adrenalin and tells the body to relax and regulate), whilst also teaching you how to achieve this state of relaxation at home.  The poses we will practice are also stress relieving, calming and are known to open up the energy channels passing through the reproductive system, abdominal wall and the hips.  This will also have a calming effect on the body.

Men and women are both welcome, perhaps couples might like to come together for support and the class is suitable for all levels.

 Currently I am offering these classes privately or semi privately. If interested in a group class please email with a preferred evening and I will hopefully match a group together to keep these classes accessible and affordable.

The Evidence Base for Yoga for Fertility

“Infertility is a medical and social condition that can cause considerable social, emotional and psychological distress.”

 Statement from the Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction in 2005.

With this many couples facing infertility it is not surprising stress levels which are now becoming more frequent in our culture can be a contributing factor. The vicious circle then continues as couple face enormous stress under the pressure of infertility.  “Current research has shown that the stress levels of women with infertility are equivalent to women with cancer, AIDS or heart disease, so there is no question about infertility resulting in enormous stress.”  This study was carried out by Connie Shapiro, PhD, professor of family studies at the University of Illinois, USA.

Studies carried out by Dr. Alice Domar, executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at the fertility center Boston IVF, prove that reducing stress has resulted in a higher success rate for couple trying to conceive.

Dr. Domar advocates that mind/body techniques can decrease physical symptoms of stress such as insomnia, headaches, abdominal pain and fatigue as well as psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, hostility and tearfulness. She cites recent research that has shown that women who participate in mind/body programs in conjunction with treatment from their physician have significantly higher pregnancy rates than women who receive medical treatment only.


Another study which I have come across which I would like to share has shown that therapy (which here was used to over come low confidence and improve self worth) has also been effective in reducing stress.

Professor Sarah Berga, from Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia, studied 16 women in their twenties and thirties who were normal weight but had not had a period for six months.  She found they had high levels of the hormone cortisol which is linked to stress.  Eight of the women were given cognitive behavioural therapy and the rest no treatment.  Within 20 weeks 6 of those 8 began ovulating and 2 became pregnant.  These 8 women appeared to have an average lifestyle and work/life ratio and stated to have little or no stress in their lives, however this view changed throughout the course of therapy.

I would advise couples trying conceive to perhaps try and get to the root of any underlying stress they are going through, perhaps you are not aware your body is always in fight mode?